Sustainability | Catalina Rigou

Designed & Crafted For Sustained Longevity

Catalina Rigou designs and handcrafts desirable fashion pieces that will last our consumers for a lifetime. We are a SLOW-FASHION brand which works with Made To Order fashion products.

All of our products are designed with top quality materials, making sure they are made for long term usage. Made and Designed for them to be timeless essentials, that you will be able to use today, but also in 30 years.

Handcrafted considering their usage, look and quality.


Working with "Made To Order" pieces

In order not to have dead/unsold stock, Catalina works with mostly with Made To Order pieces. This means, each piece sold will be made after your order is placed in order to prevent any kind of waste. 


Natural Fur Fashion

Fur is considered a biodegradable, renewable alternative to synthetic textiles, fur consumers repair, re-model and re-use fur. Waste reduction, re-use and longevity are some of the many advantages of fur.

Fur garments are used for an extraordinarily long time, and it is common practice to redesign and use garments of natural fur. In itself natural fur is a renewable resource that never runs out, but will biodegrade and enter nature's own biological cycle. Natural fur is the slow fashion alternative to modern day's 'buy and throw away' culture, and a good choice for fashion consumers concerned with sustainability.

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"All chemicals used in the dressing of fur are regulated to ensure environmentally responsible practices. The fur trade uses the same or gentler chemicals as used in the tanning and fabric dyeing industries" - Read more about the Environmental Impact of Fur at We Are Fur