Dear Customers,

Thank you for your purchase. If you have any problem please contact us. We will make every effort to help you.

About Fur:

Each product is handcrafted with care, and attention in order for it to be perfect. If you find some loose or floating fur on the surface, it is normal. Please don't worry. Gently shaking your fur will get the floating fur to come off.

How to make the fur look fluffy again?

After long journey and squeezed in a package, your fur might be disorganized. Please hang up for a few days, and get a little warm sunshine, the fur will become fluffy again.

A lifetime of care:

We to fluff the fur using a blow dryer in its coolest air option, this step can be done as many times as you wish for your fur piece to always be fluffy, glamorous and shiny.  

We highly recommend you to always have your piece hanged to keep the shoulders from loosing their form 

Try your fur piece not to come into direct contact with water, however, if your piece gets in the rain or snow allow it to dry naturally before storing it. 


Catalina Rigou & Team