Catalina Rigou is a Buenos Aires born, Paris based, Fashion Designer.

A lover of animal prints, furs and metal fashion. An obsession for feeling confident, elegant and comfortable.

Launched Catalina Rigou in 2018 as a part-time hobby, she turned it into a full time job in 2019.

Each piece of Catalina Rigou Paris, focuses on making woman feel elegant, sophisticated, sensual and yet comfortable.

My chainmail designs are inspired by her all time favorite, Gianni Versace. Handcrafting each piece until is made to perfection. Her favorite part of this material? It makes the body look as it was covered in gold, and as she says "There is no better way to show how gold you are, as to be covered in it". Catalina likes to feel and be sexy while staying elegant and unique, with iconic limited pieces. 

In 2018 I moved to Florence, Italy to study Business of Fashion at one of the world top fashion schools; Polimoda. As much as I liked the city, its architecture, and how it made me feel, Florence was not for me.