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Designed & Crafted For Sustained Longevity

Dress to Impress with Catalina Rigou's Handcrafted Luxury 100% Natural Fur Fashion Selection for Women.

Catalina Rigou Paris offers a large selection of Fox Fur Coats, Raccoon Fur Coats, Rabbit Coats, Fur Vests, Parkas, Duck Down Coats, Teddy Coats, Cashmere Coats, Ponchos, Capes, and all the must-have accessories for winter. All available in an impressive variety of colors, lengths, and styles.

We have the most affordable prices for luxury handmade pieces that will last you for a lifetime.

Each piece is warm, fluffy, thick and cozy, while at the same time they are elegant, sophisticated and trendy.

Catalina Rigou is the only brand that offers furs of this quality and price. Our models go from knitted, sculptured, printed, dyed, hooded, short, long, midi-length, full-length and more.

Made with 100% authentic furs from the iconic sustainable and well-recognized fur provider; Saga Furs, with more than 80 years of experience in the fur field, the ethical pioneer of sustainable and responsible practices

With our fine selection of fur and leather coats, vests and accessories you will make an impression wherever you go. 

Pieces that last for a lifetime


Chainmail Fashion

Metal Accessories


Levis Re-Worked Denim Jeans

Chainmail & Crystal Exclusives

Catalina Rigou counts with an exclusive collection of Chainmail, Metal Mesh, and Crystal Mesh Fashion pieces and accessories. Chainmail dresses, tops, skirts, vests, scarves, earrings, bags and much more.

The very best unique custom handmade chainmail, crystal, metal mesh and oroton fashion. 

Embracing this whole new fashion arrival inspired by Gianni Versace, that will make you stand out and sparkle.

Catalina Rigou accepts bespoke orders for the client to get a 100% unique piece handmade to measure. 

Crystal dresses and accessories are made with Swarovski Crystals and from our own line of Crystals and Metal, all of the best quality available.


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